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Our model of work adopts a community approach where we have a community of individuals coming together to develop a service. For this reason, we will have so many different services started according to the expertise and interest of different people grouping together to serve the community and society.

Our Roots is a community interest company (CIC) that started as an organised Community Group known as Back To My Roots in February 2009.  Back To My Roots rose out of the work of Community Development Workers of the then South Birmingham PCT based in Midland Heart that was delivering the government's Delivering Race Equality (DRE) programme for mental health. In October 2010, Our Roots was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC). We are a social enterprise that grew naturally out of community need to have an organisation that is owned by and understands its community.

We offer services that directly benefit the community such as Counselling and emotional health, health promotion, mental health, early detection and prevention of entering unwanted systems and behaviour such as crime, mental ill-health and a sense of hopelessness; we also support the efforts of the government and local authority of creating a better, bigger society with family, social and national values. We do this by adopting the delivery of responsive services, in a professional environment and in a responsive way.

Our Roots is, and aims to continue being owned by at least 50% of “everyday people” who come from disadvantaged and black ethnic minority (BME) communities. Our directorship includes survivors of criminal, justice and mental health systems. We also aim to employ marginalized and people at risk including employing them into senior management. We engage in community development and promoting mental health and wellbeing. We also promote social integration and cohesion, resilience, cultural development, identity and sense of belonging, and families support.

Our work methodologies also include music, dance, drama, theatre and social group activities. We also run reading groups, write and perform drama, music, poetry and other literary and artistic forms of education and information sharing, and developmental social networking. We can be commissioned and contracted to deliver educational, entertainment and cultural programmes, and partnerships working that meet with our aims.

We engage in education development for the community we serve, health promotion, advice, guidance and information in the field of health, mental health, housing, new communities, asylum and refuges settlement, volunteering and cultural exchange. We also provide onsite and community-based counselling and mental wellbeing promotion/interventions.

Mission Statement 

"Passionate about Community development, cultural integration, social cohesion, health and wellbeing".


To become a strong and vibrant community organisation that brings together the community we serve in order to bring about social and health change.


“Today’s dream tomorrow’s reality.”

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