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Our model of work adopts a community approach where we have a community of individuals coming together to develop a service. For this reason, we will have so many different services started according to the expertise and interest of different people grouping together to serve the community and society.

Our Roots is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that started as an organised Community Group in Feb 2009. Our Roots grew out of the work of Community Development Workers based in Midland Heart, who were providing the governments Delivery Race Equality (DRE) program for Mental Health. 

In October 2010, Our Roots was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a social enterprise with charitable objectives that grew naturally out of the community’s need for an organisation that is owned by and who understands the community’s needs. We offer services that directly benefit the community such as counselling & emotional health, health promotion, mental health support and awareness, early detection and prevention of entering unwanted systems and behaviours such as crime, mental ill-health and sense of hopelessness. As well as being a social enterprise with charitable objectives, we also deliver counselling and psychological well-being service on behalf of all the 3 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Birmingham and Sandwell in collaboration with Living Well Consortium. 

We engage in community development and promoting mental health & wellbeing. We also look at empowering and promoting social integration and cohesion, resilience and achieving in education, cultural development, identity and sense of belonging, as part of building self-esteem and confidence. 

Our counselling and psychological wellbeing service also includes the delivery of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services for adults and young people. Our IAPT service has grown substantially over the years and has been accessed by many clients across Birmingham and Sandwell. The success of our IAPT service is reflected in our high recovery rates in clients. We pride and have confidence in our ability to deliver IAPT services with our skilled Therapists, and we have now extended our IAPT service further to treat individuals with Long Term Health Conditions. We are one of the first psychological well-being services in Birmingham to deliver an IAPT service for Long Term Health Conditions. 

We approach our work through 2 arms model:  one, the professional arm and two, the community arm.



This is Our Roots main objective and we have achieved amazing outcomes through the delivery of psychological therapies, which continues to change lives in many ways. The professional arm employs competent and appropriate staff in professions such as counselling, IAPT therapists (Cognitive Behavioural Therapists High Intensity), Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) counsellors and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.

Our Roots delivers Counselling and Psychotherapy services under the Living Well Consortium. Our Roots continues to grow and has become one of the key providers of therapists within the Living Well Consortium framework. This continued growth has come about due to collaboration with other stakeholders and the diligent work of Our Roots staff and the Board of Directors who have continuously supported this noble vision.  Under the LWC, we deliver work for Birmingham and Sandwell Mental Health CCG and Forward-Thinking Birmingham IAPT contracts.

In July 2019, we entered a new contract with Black Country Partnership NHS in Sandwell to deliver Counselling Services to support them mop up their huge waiting list. That contract ended recently in December 2019. 


Our Roots strives to embed such objectives into the community through offering Saturday and Holidays Clubs; free of charge for children and families within the local community.  The club facilitates Dance & Movement Therapy, well-being workshops, school homework support, mentoring in good manners and behaviour/growing up responsibly  and group activities for all to engage in. 
All of Our Roots services can be accessed by anyone interested, regardless of their diversity. We comply with the Equalities Act 2010 that expects not to discriminate against any:
•    Age 
•    Disability 
•    Gender reassignment 
•    Marriage and civil partnership 
•    Pregnancy and maternity 
•    Race, ethnicity and nationality 
•    Religion and belief 
•    Sex
•    Sexual orientation 



1.    Working together ETHICALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY for clients and the community we serve.
2.    Respect and dignity for employees and all stakeholders
3.    Commitment to quality of care and support we give.
4.    Compassion and empathy at work.
5.    Improving lives and innovations to increase efficiency and outcomes in what we do. 
6.    Everyone matters and receives equal opportunity.

Aims and Objectives

  1. We aim to employ marginalized and people at risk of being marginalised including employing them into senior management. 

  2. Promoting mental health and wellbeing. 

  3. Promote social integration and cohesion, resilience, cultural development, identity and sense of belonging, and families support.

  4. We engage in community educational support and development for the community we serve.

  5. Health promotion, advice, guidance and information in the field of health, mental health, housing, new communities, asylum and refuges settlement.

  6. Creating a platform where community members can develop through Volunteering.

  7. Cultural exchange - Where we work with other cultures to promote a sense of inter and multicultural approach within the community and communities we work with. 

  8. Onsite and community-based counselling and mental wellbeing interventions.

  9. Support children psycho-social development.

  10. Empower people: we identify talent and Nurture it for the benefit of the community 

  11. Engage the community to develop a sound and robust community that works together. 

Mission Statement 

"Passionate about Community development, cultural integration, social cohesion, health and wellbeing".


To become a strong and vibrant community organisation that brings together the community we serve in order to bring about social and health change.


“Today’s dream tomorrow’s reality.”

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